Inventory Management

Import inventory from multiple sources

We aim to provide best possible services. Our listings are based on different sources customers, with complete and detailed information about the automobile that they might be looking for. Importing inventory from multiple sources helps us to ensure that all the required data are provided to avoid penalties and increase the sale of numerous car deals without any kind of hustle or bustle.

Export in various formats

We provide a wide range of formats for our automobiles to give only the best deals to our clients. Regardless of the destination, size, description, cost, efficiency, etc. any arrangement that might be required, we provide them all. This helps in providing the best deals and in increasing the sale of vehicles. Extremely easy and efficient services by Dealerbeats ensures high productivity and guaranteed sale.

Simple Merchandising

We provide simple yet effective merchandising for all your products. All our services are extremely sophisticated in order to hit the target audience right and provide you with the right deals. Our satisfaction is based on the happy reviews we get from our customers. Thus, we perform to the best of our abilities to provide only quality services to each and all.

Create compelling listings

More than half of the population spends maximum time carrying out their research before closing any deal on a particular automobile. In order to cut the chase and make the entire process easy for our customers, we provide adequate information that might be required to be known by any of our clients. Nothing is hidden or modified. We only present right picture in front of our dealers.

Inventory Management System by DealerBeats

Manage inventory – from anywhere

We have an extremely easy to use interface that can be well managed from any part of the world. Even for the busiest of our clients, who are looking for some groundbreaking deal can access it from anywhere without any hustle or bustle. No extra services or hidden terms and conditions are included without our inventory search and management.

Inventory Distribution

Our inventory is equally distributed for each of our deals. We have provided our entire automobile collection with sufficient information that might be required by anyone. The information provided is completely unbiased and balanced to help our customers better in making the right decision. In case you wish to advertise, all the control is yours as to how you wish to advertise your models without any partiality from our side.

Stock Locator

We have incorporated some of the latest technology and state-of-the-art designs in terms of geolocations, camping pricing, vehicle alert subscription, etc., to provide our clientele with the best and premium quality services. Some of our top features include responsive and multiple device usage for mobile users. In addition, we also provide special detailed pages of vehicles in order to provide maximum visibility for all your deals.

Inventory Search

Dealerbeats provides its customers with an easy to use and easy to search inventory to find all the relevant and required information as and when obligatory. We understand the need for quick and rapid search results especially in emergencies, therefore we have it all covered. All the information that any client may look for however basic or advance it might be, it can be easily found in our inventory.

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Vehicle History

We provide all the required and relevant information of a particular automobile that our dealer might be looking for. We have a complete inventory, providing our customers with all the information in relation to the vehicle’s history. From the most basic information such as color, model number, number of seats, etc. to the most advanced information such as mileage, number of users, servicing details, etc., we have it all.


We provide you the best of all our services and a plethora of facilities at highly cost-effective values. Our pricing does not compromise with our standard or the quality of services that we provide. We have been able to mark our spot in the business because of our extreme affordability and best quality of service. We help you with supreme deals in all matters relating to your automobiles.

VIN Explosion

We have collaborated with the best in the business to provide our customers with all the requirements that they might be looking for. Our efficient automobile inventory management allows a peculiar one – to – one vehicle information that allows the correct display of a variety of manufacturing options. These options include colour, engine specifications, mileage, body framework, etc. that will ultimately allow the customer to pick their right choice

Window Stickers & Buyer’s Guides

Branding is one of the most essential part of a customer’s advertisement. We ensure that all the requirements are met by creating simple yet effective personalized designs of a variety of window stickers. We also provide a complete Buyer’s Guide with a multitude of options such as warranty, special features, AS-IS no., etc. to ensure that our customers make only the best profit out of their search and listings.

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Digital Paperwork

We initiate the entire process relating to paperwork digitally making sure that our clientele does not have to face any kind of trouble. Our system directs different documents that might be required, promptly thereby eliminating the cost of courier. We take up the complete responsibility for the completion of the paperwork without having you run around for a variety of chores.

Expense Tracking

Save your money by managing your expenses. With our services, we ensure that information regarding cost of fuel consumption, expenses related to the maintenance of vehicle, etc. are given time to time for efficient expense tracking and management. We also provide our customers with the net profit and capital that the vehicle might make at the end of the tenure.


We provide high quality and most accurate reports for the vehicle that you might be looking for. We ensure you that all required, relevant and important information will be provided without any secrecy or hidden terms and conditions. We strive only to offer the best to our collaborators and aim for 100% customer satisfaction that can be easily evaluated from our nature of work.

Craigslist Posting Tool

If you are worried about verification issues and blocked IP along with other problems while listing your automobile online for sale; then we have got you sorted! With our latest tools and technology, you can directly post your vehicle onto the Craigslist without any kind of hustle or bustle. You can easily modify and choose your target options with a variety of filters and options.

Expense tracking and reports with Inventory Management System

eBay Motors Integration

With our eBay Motor Integration facilities, we guarantee that your automobile gets the best deal that you deserve. Now with the latest updates, our clients can directly list their vehicles from DealerBeats into eBay rapidly and effortlessly. Without the need of extra tools or any kind special skills, our clients can make profit off eBay for the best value.

Photo overlays

We provide a wide range of photo overlay options for the best advertisement for your vehicles. Our facilities allow you to upload, edit, adjust contrasts, crop, resize, etc. your automobile images with simple tools. You can also name your images without the requirement of any kind of special expertise in photo editing. We offer expert opinion from experts and ensure that all your requirements are completely fulfilled.


Our strategic planning and efficient use of technology ensures that you have a cost-effective and user-friendly module for easy inventory management.


Our premium Dealer Management System (DMS) facilities aids in understanding every feature of your dealers.


We work to increase your customer pool with latest BHPH and third-party vendor facilities


Our strategic Customer Relation Management allows ease of management for an organization.

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Client Reviews

Fabian Link

It was really great working with DealerBeats. With their Automotive Inventory Management for New Cars, dealership has become hassle-free and I have been using from the past two years and the results are outstanding. The team is highly efficient with keen knowledge in the field and is always supportive with any issues related to software.


Macro Paul

DealerBeats impeccable communication attracted us in the very first meeting. Their cloud based inventory management software has done wonders to my automotive business. It has many features such as reporting, integration, scalability, etc. And it has really helped us in the growth of our business.


John Ruskin

I must say their services are the best in the automotive market. I have been using the Car Inventory Management System by DealerBeats and it is worth to buy. I can see all my reports on just single click of my mouse and can manage my inventory accordingly . It is really a simple and easy to use.

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